10 Ways to Balance Time Efficiently while Maintaining a Training Regimen

10 Ways to Balance Time Efficiently while Maintaining a Training Regimen

Don’t we all struggle with balance? A few people have asked how I balance work, marriage, practicing yoga, and teaching yoga classes every week. To be perfectly honest, it’s all about attitude. When I was a full time college student, I juggled a full time and part time job. Juggling is all I know and I’d be bored if my schedule wasn’t completely filled. I love my job. I love teaching yoga. I love my husband. I can love everything equally.

Yes, I get tired and want to curl up in bed, eat potato chips, watch Law and Order all day while going in and out of naps, but as tempting as it sounds, I will be unable to leave my mark on this planet. In order to be a great wife, employee, yoga teacher, and yoga practitioner I have to show up big and be 100% present at work, home and the yoga studio.

10 Ways to Balance Time Efficiently:

1. Meal prep and Hydrate.

Cook and prep your meals for the week. Feed your constitution with food your body needs not wants. Stay hydrated constantly, preventing sickness.

2. Stay Ahead, not Behind.

Try to arrive 15 minutes prior to wherever you have to be. Shit happens and being ahead seriously helps.

3. Ask for Help once in awhile.

Spouse, partner, parent, coworker. Let go of your ego. It takes a village to raise an adult.

4. Make time with your love and/or family. Always!

5. Gratitude.

Be grateful for your opportunities in every aspect. Work, hobbies, family.

6. Be Spontaneous.

Meet up with an old friend after work, go on a surprise date with your sexy, cover a yoga teacher’s class who’s going out of town. Once a week at least do something good for your soul that serves you and serves another soul that wasn’t planned initially.

7. Attempt to get plenty of sleep.

Some nights are better than others, but try.

8. Practice.

Whether you practice yoga or train in other ways, your practice is what sustains you. Make time for your practice because your practice is your foundation.

9. Stay centered.

Pray, meditate, read quotes, read inspirational stories, etc. Stay inspired by connecting with your divine and the world.

10. Once in awhile, sleep in and watch Law and Order all day. 🙂



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