Find Contentment in Your Yoga Practice

Find Contentment in Your Yoga Practice

As a “Millennial” I see a lot of social media accounts from individuals encompassing and projecting advanced asana (yoga posture). Over the past few months, I made a decision to minimize photos of myself in advanced asana. I left maybe a couple photos and made it very clear in the caption that I cannot do that pose every single day. I’m not knocking people that use advanced asana as their visual platform on social media. For example, I love Kino MacGregor. I’ve met Kino and did a weekend intensive with her. Her social media is but a mere preview of her because she’s incredible–I’m not talking about just her practice but also how she speaks with love and knowledge. She knows how to hold a room and make you feel safe. That’s why she’s one of my teachers.

All that being said, let’s talk about contentment…


Being content is about being fine and happy with where you are physically, mentally, and spiritually. When I looked at myself in photos from the first few years of my practice and only showing advanced asana, I knew I was not fully content with myself. I may have been physically content with myself but mentally and spiritually I was not in a great place. I was trying to prove myself and taking photos for all the wrong reasons…all from a place driven by ego. Everything that yoga is not. I’m now at a content place in my physical practice, mental state of mind, and my spirituality, and I don’t feel compelled to show or prove anything on social media. I don’t need likes because I can do a pose, I’d rather you ‘like’ me for my words and actions.

A woman that I’ve been reading a lot about lately is the legendary Seane Corn. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher but she gives a lot of her time, trains volunteers, and uses her own resources and money in causes that she believes in. Hunger, poverty, clean water, and orphanages, just to name a few. You hardly see Seane in any yoga poses on her social media accounts because she’s putting her yoga into action by helping her community and abroad. She exudes that she is so much more than her physical practice, and to me, that’s remarkable and the type of spirit I admire.

I’m approaching my two year anniversary of teaching yoga and I know I’m having a calling to do more for my community and meditate more. That’s my yoga. My yoga may be different from yours and that’s fine. We’re all on the path of good as long as we’re all physically, mentally, and spiritually content. As Rumi said, “There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”




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