The Effects of Consuming a Gallon of Water a Day

The Effects of Consuming a Gallon of Water a Day

halfgallon2If you’ve seen me in the past month, you’ve probably noticed that I carry my half gallon carafe of lemon water with me everywhere. What inspired this new habit was reading about how a woman’s body and skin improved drastically by incorporating a gallon of water a day into her lifestyle. I teach yoga in a hot room about 4+ times a week and I also practice in a hot room 5+ times a week, train with weights, as well add to the fact that we all naturally lose a lot of water all throughout the day. I lose a lot of water naturally without physical activity and for awhile my body, skin, hair, and nails just hated me for it. I never got to the point of dehydration, but I didn’t exactly feel super peppy when I would get home either. I was feeling lethargic but I was getting plenty of rest so I decided to check this out for myself.

Here is my week by week synopsis of what happened to me:

Week 1

I’m literally living in the bathroom and I have had a migraine from hell for the first three days. My body is in complete shock and I’m pretty sure I could pee on command. I want to quit because this physically feels overwhelming.

Week 2

Better but I’m still in shock. I’m adapting to this better than the first week. No more migraines and I don’t want to quit.

Week 3

My skin has changed! Feels like butter, changed. My tolerance for water is now higher than week 1. I have a lot of energy when I get home from work. Getting up early is legit, not a battle.

Week 4

My hair and nails look so much better. Other people are noticing my skin. Digestion is literally scheduled naturally. I don’t crave crap food or coffee in the afternoon, I crave green juice and avocados. I’m now drinking well over a gallon of water a day. I feel awesome and energetic.

Incorporation into daily life

As of today, I’m on week 5 and I can honestly say this: my body is working for me not against me. I used to take 2 hour naps on Saturday afternoon; I don’t anymore and haven’t for three weeks. I feel like my memory has even improved and doing personal research and talking to my doctor, it’s scientifically proven that for proper brain function, we need to consume a decent amount of water every day. My doctor is fully on board with my gallon+ consumption of water. I don’t see myself stopping this better habit because I feel awesome. I intended on just doing this for four weeks but I think this will be a permanent routine. I wouldn’t trade how I physically feel and having smooth skin is an added bonus.

How much water do you drink a day? Would you try this?


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