Patience is a virtue because it’s hard to practice. We live in the right here, right now. Instant messaging, social media, Uber drivers, etc. We have so many options of getting almost anything instantly or within hours reach. We’re not exactly in a time and place where we have to practice patience often. Then we go to the DMV, sit in a doctor’s waiting room, become impatient with someone else’s reaction, and we lose our patience, because…where’s our instant gratification?

My personal life and my yoga practice have become mirrors of one another. There are days where I’m just all there. I’m doing everything immaculately, my intentions are spot-on, my breath is strong, and my form is on point. Then I have days where I’m constantly falling, I’m mindless in everything, and I look like an awkward baby giraffe. When my practice lacks discipline and form, is usually when my day (outside the studio) has been challenging. Those tough days are when my patience comes in. Those are the moments where the practice and life become real.

The things people don’t wanna put in Yoga Journal or Instagram–Falling, cursing, crying, and literally dragging yourself to class or your mat for your home practice.

These bad days are where the practice helps. Before I went into my yoga teacher training, I had a consistent home practice and I consistently attended public classes for 4 years. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Trust me, in 4 years a lot can happen…and it did. I leaned on my practice and did not flee and wallow in my issues whether it be personal, work, family, etc. I’m now entering my 6th year of practicing yoga regularly and I still believe in hitting your mat when life is challenging. It doesn’t have to be a hard practice, it can be sitting in Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined bound angle) for 10 minutes and tuning everything out. Some days my yoga comes in other forms besides the breath or asana but more in the form of being a listener, being kind, rooting for the underdog, and being generous.

Be patient with yourself. Your practice is all around and if you take time to get in tune with your mind, body, and spirit, you will see your practice come in so many shapes, whether it’s your physical practice or how you connect with the world.


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