Prioritize for Happiness



Prioritize for Happiness

Change is inevitable and constant.  Change is guaranteed.  As someone with an accounting mindset (I’ve worked in accounting for almost eight years), routine is my anchor.  I like knowing my schedule, setting up meetings in advance, knowing what I’m going to do before the day has started, and pop up “surprises” of any kind cause my blood pressure to increase.  The past few months, I’ve worked on my frigidness and openness to change. I’m a recovering control freak and some days are easier than others.

What’s brought me to be more open about living my life in the present is watching relatives and friends pass away over the years. Life is so precious and very short.  These amazing people that are no longer in my physical life all lived their lives in the now.  Work was not their number one priority, at all.  These people left an amazing legacy behind and touched so many people. These losses made me realize that I have a lot to learn about how I should leave my footprint on this earth.  My husband and I got a puppy on Christmas day of 2014 and our priorities have shifted significantly since we brought him home.  Those first couple months of our puppy having a bladder the size of a pecan, were hard work.  Things no longer became about us and our schedules changed.  Most importantly our priorities changed. We had this little life to train and nurture.  Lack of sleep was totally worth it.  Becoming an animal parent made me realize that change was inevitable. Things don’t go according to plan.  That’s okay because the unconditional love I receive is worth it.

How can I be a great wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, friend, and colleague? How can I take care of myself and put others first?  These questions alone cause my head to spin.  The answer is…priorities.  Making time for amazing people that have nurtured, supported, loved, and raised me.  When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I thought my status, physical possessions, and what other people thought about me was so important and would help my happiness.  Wow that was a pile of horse shit! Sorry for all you youngins reading but that shit will never make you happy and will make you a hamster on a wheel, just wearing yourself out.  No one cares about your status, the purse you carry, or your credentials. No one. Treat people right.  Everyone.  That’s what people remember.


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