Give Yoga Props a Chance: Here are 4 Examples

Give Yoga Props a Chance: Here are 4 Examples

When I started practicing Yoga at the gym and at studios, I would walk by the props: blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets and think to myself, “That’s just to make everything seem easy.” Looking back, that was a very naive mindset. Go take an Iyengar class and I promise you’ll shake in your boots seeing props because, trust me, props can make you stay sincere to alignment and/or make the pose harder without the props.

triangle-propsWhy utilize props?

1. Alignment – Use a block for Extended Triangle and gain muscle memory;

2. Depth – Implement a Dharma Yoga Wheel for forearm stand for an extra challenge (**this is a more advanced posture and should not be attempted by beginners);

3. Finding Range of Motion – Utilize a strap to get the feeling of the overhead grip for King Dancer or King Pigeon;

4. An Added Layer – Hold a cork block overhead in Boat Pose.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and examples of how the possibilities are limitless, with props.


Product Review

wheelDharma Yoga Wheel – My husband got me the wheel for my birthday in November. I had seen it pop up many times on my Instagram feed. I usually try to avoid Instagram trends like the plague but I have a deep respect for Dharma Yoga and since the founder was involved in making the wheel I knew it was a legit product.

I have been using it in my home practice for almost 3 months and it was well worth the investment. It has opened my shoulders and entire spine and it has kicked up my practice another notch. It’s facilitated better alignment with my forearm stands and my back bends are becoming more effortless, as opposed to a battle.

I highly recommend the Dharma Yoga Wheel. I got the wooden basic because I’m 5’4 but the website will help suggest what wheel is right for your body. (I am not an ambassador, sales rep, or paid endorser of this product).

The next time you practice at home or at a studio grab a prop and talk to your teacher about what they suggest to use it for OR just be creative and see where you feel it would be beneficial to use. A cost effective way to start if you are on a budget is Amazon or Target. If you have any questions about what props to use or where to get them, please reach out to me.



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