Switch to Short Shorts for Your Yoga Practice and Build Strength



Switch to Short Shorts for Your Yoga Practice and Build Strength


Lately, I’ve been wearing short shorts to yoga, not because of the rising temperature, but to test my physical strength. You’re probably thinking, “what the hell is she talking about?”

Be honest, and consider this: when you’re in tree, crow, standing bow, etc. are you using clothing material as part of your foundation for your posture? Wear short shorts and I promise, it will change your practice. The simplest poses will become more challenging.

Choose the right attire to challenge yourself

Kino MacGregor and Bikram Choudhury—two very different yoga teachers, but they are half naked when practicing and they are strong. They wear next to nothing because they don’t depend on clothing material to set their poses. They both encourage their students to bust out their speedos and say “Om.” See photo for the traditional yoga attire back in the day in India. Not a lot of clothes and the heat in India makes Nashville seem like a refrigerator.

Leave the leggings at home and get out your short shorts. Leave your anxieties about stretch marks, cellulite, pale legs, and all negative self talk behind and work muscles that you hide. Seriously. It’s time to start a yogi-short-shorts revolution!


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