Don’t be a Basic Vegan Bitch During the Holidays

Don’t be a Basic Vegan Bitch During the Holidays

Many people who recently started eating vegan find the holidays to be challenging because of all the typical holiday food containing animal products. Here are some things that help me during the holidays and I hope these tips can assist you as well:

1. Create new traditions

Use recipes that have similar textures and flavors of foods that take you back to childhood.

guac2. Throw in a wild card

I make guacamole for Thanksgiving and Christmas and not one person has yet to bitch about it. The big ass bowl I make it in each year is empty by the time we conclude the festivities. Break tradition. You’re vegan anyway.

3. Hear no evil but take no shit

We may have some relatives or friends that don’t necessarily like our lifestyle and will bring up some 110 year old that is still living off bacon and cigarettes, and just do everything to say how weird we are for being vegans.

Ask about their cholesterol and blood pressure and that has a 50/50 chance of shutting them up.

When in doubt, go for the nads. “Who was the first guy to drink cow’s milk? He had to have been the biggest pervert of all time. Because no other species drinks their mother’s milk after infancy, let alone another species milk.”

*Enjoy the silence*

4. Prep ahead

Get all your essentials a week before Thanksgiving and have stuff ready to lock and load. There are so many amazing vegan recipes out there. Find something that speaks to you and the amount of time you have to prep for the feast. This year, I’m making mac ‘n’ “cheese” and mashed potatoes.

5. Sharing is caring

Expand your family’s mind by making enough food for them and show them how good and satisfying vegan food can be. Often times, many can’t see, smell, or taste them difference. It’s a really great opportunity to show non-vegans we don’t eat tree bark and berries.

Happy Thanksgiving and whatever holiday you celebrate! Show the love with your food!



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