Practice Yoga at Home for More Structure

Practice Yoga at Home for More Structure

It’s been about three months since I made an effort to get back into my home practice after a ridiculously long hiatus because of home renovations, dog, and every other excuse known to man. I am now at a point where I practice four times a week at home and two times a week in a studio setting. It feels amazing to get back to my roots because my home practice was a priority for so long and then things changed. My practice and my teaching has changed a bit over this time as well.

As a teacher, I’ve really wanted students to have freedom in their practice, movements, and bodies and my cuing has definitely supported this change for me as a student as well.

As a student, I feel more grounded, connected to my family, less stressed, and I feel like I have more freedom as well.

My body has opened up tremendously since doing my home practice. I’ve been getting into padmasana (full lotus) without a struggle or modification. I think this has a lot to do with:

a) All the knee and hip openers I’ve incorporated; and
b) I’m very comfortable in my home and I truly believe the sense of comfort can translate physically in our bodies.

I love being guided as a student because I am a student before I am a teacher and always will be. I love learning from as many teachers as I can, BUT… there’s something very personally intimate about a personal practice. I feel very structured and in tune with myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I can rest at home and just be in my practice.

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